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Bye, Bye Betty

I never imagined myself pushing a shopping cart filled with my treasured belongings through a parking lot! The wheels bounced over the pavement as I steadied the cart’s teetering contents. Unconventional, yes, but it was my way of helping Greg unload the U-Haul truck….

Hitchin’ It

As if traveling the open road in an RV is not vagabond enough, Greg and I hitched a ride from So. Calif. to San Felipe, BC, Mexico. The 283-mile road trip took two days with an overnight stop in the border town of Calexico,…

A Promise Kept

  Twenty-two of us piled into planes and cars to travel home for Christmas and keep a promise we made to each other 28 years ago. Home this year was Reno, NV, but the location changes every year. Christmas was December 10, but the…

To Hold a Hummingbird

To Hold a Hummingbird I held the hummingbird in my palm, expecting it to fly but it cocked its head instead and stared at me. I stared back. It felt light as air and its body whirred like a tiny motor. Moments stretched into…

Petroglyph Pursuit

Petroglyph Pursuit “If we find a petroglyph matching one of these trail markers, we’ll know where we are,”  I said, pulling a crumpled map out of my pocket. “Good luck!”, Greg laughed staring at a tumble of basalt boulders filled with carved handprints, symbols,…

A Capitol Fourth

A Capitol Fourth Are we as different as the stars and stripes on our country’s flag? As divided as the oceans that define our land? I surveyed my fellow concert attendees donned in red and blue rain ponchos. “Are they wearing their party’s colors?”, I…

Going Home

Going Home Cool air breezed across my pillow as I stared into the forested darkness. A light flickered. Then another. “Eyes in the trees,” my young cousin called them. Fireflies sparkled like twinkling lights on a Christmas tree, a storybook ending to an unanticipated experience…

Goodbye Reno, Hello U.S.A.

Goodbye Reno, Hello U.S.A. “Big Brown Betty to Raptor One”, Greg called on the two-way radio. “We need a new handle!”, I insisted. Yesterday, we set out on our first cross country RV trip. The thought of hearing this chant for 3,000-plus miles made…


Three Years On the Road And….. ……still rolling!  April 24, 2016  marked our third year as full-time RV’ers and still the gypsy spirit calls. Reflecting on this past year, three words play in my mind: simplicity, stuff and support. In many ways, life on the…

Greg’s New Photography Website

I think of myself as the voice for Greg’s photography. His photos inspire me, not only for their compelling creativity, but for the stories behind the images. You may see an eagle’s piercing stare but I see myself standing ankle-deep in mud at the…

Tales of Gold

Tales of Gold A flickering light moved eerily down the mountain, silhouetted in the dark. “You know who that is,” I whispered in my best ghost-story voice. The campfire crackled under a slivered-moon in the brisk night air. “It’s the lost Dutchman searching for…

The Breakfast Club

Nothing is more thrilling than watching grizzlies and wolves together in the wild. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it certainly is a great way to start a wildlife scouting day in Yellowstone National Park. Greg woke me at 4AM to start our excursion…

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