Nature’s Lessons

Stealthily, they marched in like a dashed-black-line in motion, creeping into kitchen drawers and across counter tops, scattering only when chased by gigantic paper-towel-clad hands. Ants, they never give up! The southern Calif. rains rolled in drenching Betty, our diesel damsel, washing away repellents, and subsiding just long enough for the ant invasion to begin … More Nature’s Lessons

A Promise Kept

  Twenty-two of us piled into planes and cars to travel home for Christmas and keep a promise we made to each other 28 years ago. Home this year was Reno, NV, but the location changes every year. Christmas was December 10, but the date changes every year.  What doesn’t change is the tremendous effort … More A Promise Kept

Petroglyph Pursuit

Petroglyph Pursuit “If we find a petroglyph matching one of these trail markers, we’ll know where we are,”  I said, pulling a crumpled map out of my pocket. “Good luck!”, Greg laughed staring at a tumble of basalt boulders filled with carved handprints, symbols, and animals. “What are we looking for?” I showed him the … More Petroglyph Pursuit

A Fork in Our Road

“Big Brown Betty to Raptor One.” Silence. “Big Brown Betty to Raptor One.” No answer. I didn’t really expect a response. After traveling 65 days, 4,500 RV miles and countless car miles together, Greg and I sadly bid farewell to my sister, Sharon, and brother-in-law, Mike. Clicking the radio once more for nostalgia’s sake, I stowed it away … More A Fork in Our Road

A Capitol Fourth

A Capitol Fourth Are we as different as the stars and stripes on our country’s flag? As divided as the oceans that define our land? I surveyed my fellow concert attendees donned in red and blue rain ponchos. “Are they wearing their party’s colors?”, I whispered to Greg. “Well, if they are, one of us is wearing … More A Capitol Fourth

Going Home

Going Home Cool air breezed across my pillow as I stared into the forested darkness. A light flickered. Then another. “Eyes in the trees,” my young cousin called them. Fireflies sparkled like twinkling lights on a Christmas tree, a storybook ending to an unanticipated experience on our cross country trip. A simple phone call changed our … More Going Home