Bye, Bye Betty

I never imagined myself pushing a shopping cart filled with my treasured belongings through a parking lot! The wheels bounced over the pavement as I steadied the cart’s teetering contents. Unconventional, yes, but it was my way of helping Greg unload the U-Haul truck.

After almost five years on the road as full-time RVers, we are exchanging Betty, our Diesel Damsel, for a sticks and bricks dwelling.

New Owners 2011

For Sale  2018

We take with us a scrapbook of memories and experiences that warm our hearts, make us laugh until we cry, and silence us in awe. We cherish family and friends who adventured with us on the road, opened their homes as ports of call, traveled with us on our blog, and embraced us as new-found friends.

Betty is still on the road, kicking up her wheels for her new owners and heading to her new home base in Indiana. Greg and I are camping out temporarily in an apartment waiting for our new Arizona home to be built.

As this chapter closes we are filled with gratitude and great anticipation for the future.  Life is, after all, a grand adventure!

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  1. Congratulations on your new chapter. We’ve been on the hunt for a home base as well, but haven’t made any decisions. Must be that ‘five’ year mark. Where in AZ?


    • Ingrid, You may be right about that “five” year mark. We’ll be in a community called Victory, in Verrado but the city is actually Buckeye. If you’re in the area, we’d love to show you around. Exit 120 off Interstate 10.


      • We’ve heard a lot of good things about Verrado. Will definitely take you up on your offer if we find ourselves in the area. Thus far, we’ve been looking near Anthem (north end of Phx) and Lake Havasu City. Problem is, we still aren’t sure what we’re looking for. Hope you continue to blog. I’ve always enjoyed the fantastic photos and your well written tales.


      • It took us awhile to figure out what we were looking for. It seems like the process itself helped us sort through it. Thank you for your encouraging words on the blog and photos! We do plan to continue with it.

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  2. What a happy ending! Hope you’re going to be near Bonnie and Nancy!


  3. It was fun following your adventures around the States. Hope you enjoy life in Arizona.


  4. Pete and I just bought an RV…we aren’t moving or anything but we have RV’d several times and really enjoy it so we took the plunge. He said maybe some day we will get out of this apt and live exclusively in an RV. We shall see. I hear Arizona is nice! Take care. Patty


  5. Sometimes life takes you were you are supposed to go. You had a fun 5 years on the road. Where in Arizona are you going to settle?


  6. And I never got to meet her. . .sniffle sniffle. The best to you & Greg on your new adventure!


  7. I will miss Big Brown Betty, thank you so much for sharing her! Looking forward to your next adventure!


  8. Will miss your stories and pictures of your travels. But look forward to your next chapter


  9. I get to be selfish… excited about your next journey because you’re here with us! ❤

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  10. I know you will miss Betty. She was very good for you guys. Perhaps you could give your new home a name?  Your new adventure won’t be the same as Betty but there will be laughter, loads of fun, memory making & great sunrises & sunsets. WELCOME TO VICTORY NEIGHBOR! GLAD YOU ARE HERE!

    Bonnie Bartlett678-592-8764


  11. Sad but glad! We have spent the last two years touring Europe in a caravan with our four dogs. We thought that we might tour for a few years but at the last count, my hubby had 13 years of travels planned… I am sure that we might want to go back ‘in the brick’ at some time, but not yet!

    We wish you well in your new venture.


  12. After living in sticks and bricks for a while, do you miss your changing neighborhood? Do you miss the RV lifestyle?


    • That’s a great question. After living in sticks and bricks now for awhile, we don’t miss our RV or the changing neighborhood. Life on the road was a wonderful experience and we wouldn’t trade it for anything but we were ready to settle down. I think we mostly missed the sense of community that a home base offers. We do, however, still enjoy adventuring to new places. All the best to you. Enjoy your travels.


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