The Call of the Wild

There’s a particular travel destination that entices my photography-loving husband to brave snow, sleet and 25-degree temperatures in the spring. It lures him to drive 200-plus miles in a day scouting for wildlife. It lulls him into waiting patiently, eyes glued to his viewfinder, for just the right image. This beguiling place is Yellowstone National Park.

It’s been eighteen months since we last departed and the separation tugged at our heartstrings like cupid’s bow at full draw. Our arrival in West Yellowstone, Mont. felt like a homecoming — reconnecting with friends, visiting familiar sites and anticipating the park’s spring opening. Officially, Opening Day was April 21st but the park wakes up slowly, sleepily over several weeks as snow melt gives way to snow plows.

There’s something magical about being in the park early in the season. In the stillness, you can hear snow tumbling off pine branches — close your eyes and it sounds like a crackling fire. Fresh powder remains undisturbed except for some telltale animal tracks and it’s easy to imagine that yours is the lone car on the road. Not all park roads and services are open yet, but each week brings new explorations as different areas become available.

“How come I can’t see through this”? I shouted to Greg. “Take the lens cap off”!  he called out from atop of the motorhome, shovel in hand. Snow, six inches deep, blanketed Betty, our diesel damsel. I had hoped to sneak a photo of him, but clearly, the camera is better off in his hands.

So, our wildlife photo safaris begin. Moose and bear have eluded us so far. Bison command the roads. Eagles rule the air and my photography-loving husband and I continue to be captivated by the call of the wild.

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  1. Outstanding as always! BB

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  2. It’s nice to know there is someplace colder than Dexter, MI right now. We are getting lots of precipitation but it’s the liquid type. How often has Greg had to get on top to shovel? I share your love of Yellowstone. When Beck’s dad asked me to drive his 36 footer from San Jose to Dexter I made it a point to pick up my mom in Carson City and then took a route East that took us through Yellowstone. It was in early May so I suspect we saw a lot of what you are seeing. It was beautiful. Well, enjoy your travels. Becky and I will be in Carson City in early June for my Mom’s 90th birthday. We’re taking the train with Randy and meeting Nancy and Steve there. Love you guys. Safe travels. Larry


    • Larry, your trip through Yellowstone sounds like it was quite the adventure, one that I’m sure your Mom thoroughly enjoyed. It is a beautiful place. So happy to hear that your Mom will have all her “kids” with her to celebrate her 90th birthday. Thanks for your well wishes. Love and hugs.

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    • P.S. In answer to your question Larry…Greg only had to climb up on the roof twice — once to shovel the snow and a second time to dust the white stuff off the satellite dish😀


  3. I have always wanted to get to Yellowstone this time of year. I hope you see all the animals, and get great shots.


  4. Delightfully well written. You have both found your bliss and it provides the perfect outlet for your talents. xo.


  5. love sharing your adventures through pictures and descriptive narration…..enjoy!


  6. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing your time with us. Your detail in description is captive.


  7. Love this photo of Greg!
    Looking forward to “traveling” along with you in that beautiful place!


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