Looking Back on Our 2015 Yellowstone Adventure

Looking Back on Yellowstone-25

Looking Back on our 2015 Yellowstone Adventure

The trail curved, cutting through tall brush and berry bushes.  Several hikers rounded the bend and froze. Twenty of us stood poised with cameras and binoculars.  I’m sure they didn’t expect a welcoming committee! We waved them through, keeping our eyes on the trail. And then he appeared. A black bear cub stepped onto the path in search of his Mama and twin who crossed moments before.  He paced, unsure of which path to take. Then he paused and looked back, as if to reassure us that he found his way before disappearing into the brush.

Looking back on our 2015 Yellowstone adventure felt a bit like leaving home.  Fond memories mixed with a readiness for new explorations.  And so, our second season in this wilderness wonderland came to a close.  We stayed true to our vow to keep the experience fresh by “doing things differently”.  We discovered new places such as Lone Star Geyser and gained new insights, like the fact that “park potties” are dark and scary before sunrise!  We trekked new trails and sipped morning coffee at the river’s edge.  Moose greeted us in the Tetons and lured us to return frequently.  Best of all, we shared special times with visiting family and friends and gained new friendships.

Someone once asked if I was collecting anything to remind me of our travels. “Yes”, I smiled, “Greg’s photographs!”  We hope you enjoy this latest collection of Yellowstone photos.

Looking Back on Yellowstone-10

Photography by Greg Wagstaff

Red Fox Hunts For Lunch, Keen-eyed and Swift

Looking Back on Yellowstone-19Looking Back on Yellowstone-18

Sparring and Bugling Mark the Elk RutLooking Back on Yellowstone-16

Looking Back on Yellowstone-22Looking Back on Yellowstone-21Looking Back on Yellowstone-17Looking Back on Yellowstone-20

Water is an Ever Changing Force

Looking Back on Yellowstone-1Looking Back on Yellowstone-2

Looking Back on Yellowstone-23Looking Back on Yellowstone-7Looking Back on Yellowstone-5Looking Back on Yellowstone-4Looking Back on Yellowstone-12

Bears, Bears, Bears

Looking Back on Yellowstone-3 Looking Back on Yellowstone-8

Labor Day Weekend Festivities

Looking Back on Yellowstone-13

Lauren & Rachel sing a duet at Smith & Chandler Mercantile.

Looking Back on Yellowstone-9

Virginia City, Montana’s historic gold mining town.

Teton National Park

Looking Back on Yellowstone-15

Black bears climb trees to munch berries along Moose-Wilson Road in the Tetons. It’s amazing the branches don’t give way!

Looking Back on Yellowstone-14

Sunrise View of the Tetons from Oxbow Bend

Looking Back on Yellowstone-24

Cow Moose Snacks by the Stream

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  1. The Tetons are my home for sure. Miss it there, every single day.


  2. Thanks for the pix. R U still on the road; or back at Home Base, or is travel your Home Base?

    Can’t remember. At any rate, thanks for the great pix. I have been to all those places & have pix

    But from long ago & in albums. I have spent so many vacations exploring the world that I can only

    thank you for reminding me of all the fun I had while I was ‘on the road’, using my precious vacation

    time. It gave me a chance to show my children a lot of territory also & it gave them the choice &

    hopefully desire to do same. It worked.



  3. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing the beauty of Yellowstone!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Always so wonderful to see and read about your adventures ~ If ever you should publish a book about your journey’s and the photo’s I’d buy one. Hope to see you soon for the holidays! Hugs ~ Debbie


  5. Pictures are even more spectacular!


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