Back to the Future

Back to the Future

I walked the boardwalks near Old Faithful with my two sisters, our footsteps transporting us back to a visit 42 years ago. What do you remember about Yellowstone?”, I asked.  “It was big and smelled funny!”, they agreed.  “Yep, like rotten eggs!”, I added.  Laughing, we reminisced about our first family RV trip from California to New York and back. Nine of us crammed into a large camper, suitable for four!

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-31

Lower Falls at Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon

What a blessing to re-experience the park with Donna and Sharon after all these years and spend time with brother-in-law, Mike.  Donna’s hubby, Clay, was unable to join us due to work commitments.  His absence brought back memories of that first trip when Donna and I left our then boyfriends, now husbands, for weeks that seemed like an eternity.  According to Mom’s journal, Donna shed tears and I secretly wished the trip would be cancelled!

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-28Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-13Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-27Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-12

If memories of our first visit were fuzzy, this trip painted vivid ones.  High on “the animals to see list” were moose and bear.  A trip to Grand Teton National Park on Day 1 delivered a young velvet antlered, bull moose lunching in the river along Moose-Wilson road.  Donna and Sharon made mental notes to add Polish pottery, specially hand-painted with moose, to their souvenir shopping lists.  Lists that seemed to grow each day!

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-4Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-5

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-6

Donna in Jackson, Wyoming

Bears showed up on Day 2 as if our ultimate tour guide, Greg, scheduled the sighting.  Mama Black Bear and three cubs leisurely traipsed across the bridge near Yellowstone’s Tower-Roosevelt Junction.  It may have been Yellowstone’s celebrity bears that made national news and went viral on You Tube a month or so ago.  In the following days, we caught bears napping under trees, wandering across meadows and foraging close to the road.

When Mike headed to Yellowstone Lake armed with fishing poles and other fish-catching paraphernalia, Greg escorted us sisters to Mammoth Hot Springs and a 4-mile roundtrip hike to Hellroaring Creek.  Descending the steep trail made me feel like Dorothy entering Oz.  Wildflowers bloomed in an extravagant color-fest from soft pink and blue pastels to brilliant hues of yellow and scarlet in lush green meadows.  Mountain peaks framed the river valley view under sapphire skies.  The trail wound through a storybook forest filled with emerald tinted pines and wildflower carpets to a steel suspension bridge spanning the Yellowstone River.  Sturdy as it was, it swayed under our heavy stomping and hopping.  We voted this hike as one of, if not “the”, prettiest hikes we’ve experienced and credited the season for the award.

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-16Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-18Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-20Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-19

Back on the boardwalks at Old Faithful, black skies creeped in while we waited for Grand Geyser to erupt. Most people are familiar with Old Faithful but Grand is the tallest predictable geyser in the world blasting up to 200 feet high for 9 to 12 minutes every 7 to 8 hours on average.  Compared to Old Faithful’s frequent bursts every 90 minutes or so for 1.5 to 5 minutes, Grand is aptly named.  Thunder rumbled and cracked as if applauding Grand’s performance.  Black skies arrived.

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-22

Grand Geyser

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-21

Grand Geyser

We hurried towards the lodge but the drama continued.  Castle Geyser, which often erupts with little or no warning about every 9 to 11 hours took the stage, spewing an encore performance.

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-23

Castle Geyser

Donna_Sharon_ Mike Yellowstone-24

Castle Geyser

We reached shelter before walls of rain fell.  Standing in the sun just minutes later, the whole experience felt unreal.  Yellowstone seemed to celebrate our return, or maybe it was just showing off. Reminding us what we missed the first time.

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  1. Another great detailed trip. We love all the photo’s. Living the dream, keep it going guy’s.


  2. You have captured some nice pix, especially for those viewers who have never been there…..even for me, who has, and

    has traveled extensively, in all 50 states & all Canadian Provinces & many other places. My picture albums tell one whole

    side of my life. Always curious about what is on the other side of whatever. Two weeks of vacation always meant to me,

    to prepare for the next exploration trip…. Retirement….a whole big vacation…. CJB.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a fine looking family you all are! – Glad to see you got to see both Moose AND Bears. Beautiful pictures as always, Greg


  4. A wow what great pictures and beautiful family. Nice that the Gysers were so accommodating..


  5. Don’t know what I enjoy more the pics or the text. One of the pics of you Roseanne just brought tears to my eyes. I remember that beautiful smile..a person you could ALWAYS turn too. I’m so happy you are having such a wonderful time and sharing it with all of us!!! xo


  6. A wonderful addition to family memories.


  7. Rosanne, what an amazing experience for you and your sisters. Good job ladies!!
    Love the Grand Geyser shots – very dramatic!


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