Rediscover Yellowstone

Rediscover Yellowstone National Park

“Again?  You’re going there again?”, a friend questioned.  “Don’t you want to see something new and different?”  And therein lies the secret. As travel author, Michael Palin said: “The trouble with traveling back later on is that you can never repeat the same experience.”  True, but not a bit troublesome for us!   And so, here we are again in West Yellowstone, Montana exploring Yellowstone National Park.  For a fleeting moment, I wrestled with the notion that another 5 -1/2 month stint from mid-April through September might be less thrilling, most sequels are.  Greg answered with a vow to “do things differently”.

Crisp 29° morning at Norris Junction.

Crisp 29° morning near Norris Junction.

Any concerns of tedious repeat performances dissipated the moment we arrived. It felt like a nostalgic homecoming of sorts, welcomingly familiar yet strikingly different.  Bright blue skies and oat-colored meadows replaced last year’s muddy clouds and mountainous snow piles.  Morning frost glistened on grassy meadows. An unusually mild winter surrendered early leaving spring to control the season.

This unpredictable, boiling, roiling, volcanic wilderness lured us back to our favorite sites to show off new looks and fresh insights. Coupled with our promise to explore differently this sequel may outperform the original score!  Journey with us on our first month’s photo safari and rediscover Yellowstone.

Yellowstone 2015-23

Hayden Valley welcomes the day

Bison appeared more robust.  Apparently, they dined well during wintertime!

Yellowstone 2015-33

Bison greeting at Mammoth Hot Springs

Bears woke early from snowy slumber.

Yellowstone 2015-12

Snow Grizzly takes to the roadway near Canyon Village

Yellowstone 2015-1

Black Bear takes a feeding break at Tower Junction

The Beryl Spring Mama Grizzly and her three cubs eluded us last year despite hours of scouting for them.   It is rumored that two cubs were swept away during a river crossing last spring.  We encountered her and the surviving cub on our first visit this year and hung out with them frequently over the following two weeks!  Enjoy the short video of wild grizzlies foraging for food.

Yellowstone 2015-16Yellowstone 2015-14


Rivers tumbled healthily down canyons. Hiking trails not typically accessible in early spring ushered in trekkers.

Yellowstone 2015-7  Yellowstone 2015-6


A bull moose greeted us on our third day in the park.  Much better than last year’s 3-month search and sighting outside of the park!

Yellowstone 2015-9

Yellowstone 2015-8


An owlet peered out of its nest as if to say our decision to travel back was wise indeed.

Yellowstone 2015-32


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  1. I enjoyed last years journey so I’m looking forward to following you along on this year’s. We love returning to places.


  2. We have spent the last 3 summers there, and will be heading up soon for this year. It always feels like a homecoming to me. It’s always different, and always beautiful.


  3. So beautiful! When we lived in Salt Lake City area, we went to Yellowstone in all four seasons. Couldn’t get enough and we will return again and again!


  4. OK Greg, your photography blows me away! Just when I think you can’t out do the last pictures, there you go again. Your eye for shots and talent with the camera is unreal. I love them. Roseanne, you can never take a back seat with your precise wording and cleaver captions. You shine as a writer. Your the best team. We both enjoy traveling with you on your web site, keep it going, life is short!


  5. Love this! – cannot wait to get there and see those bears!


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