One Year on the Road And……

One Year on the Road And….

…still rolling! We crossed the one-year mark as full-time RV’ers on April 24, 2014 with no plans of stopping any time soon. I found myself searching and reflecting on how to adequately describe the past 365 days. Scrolling through our blog, the tag line caught my eye: ad•ven•ture: an exciting or remarkable experience. Our journey has been duly named!

Betty wheeled over 10,000 miles from Nevada to So. California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, So. Dakota, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. She wound her way along the coast, over mountainous passes (Sierra Nevadas, Rockies, Bighorns), across deserts and through mega metropolises (Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City) and sleepy little towns. She weathered heat waves, freezing temperatures, rain, gusting winds, sleet and snow but mostly enjoyed sunny, warm days.

Our travels over the past year enriched, amused, taught, challenged and inspired us. We laughed more freely….especially at our own self-created mishaps,  learned more willingly….history comes alive when you walk the paths of the ancients, appreciated more deeply…life’s simple comforts and nature’s awe-inspiring beauty, and lived more fully.

Best of all, we never felt far from family and friends because we often showed up on your doorsteps and you welcomed us or you graciously met up with us on the road and you rode along with us on our blog and encouraged us. Thank you!

Here’s a to an adventurous Year 2!

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  1. You two are so ridiculously cute. Loving living your adventure vicariously through your photos! Love you both!


  2. We are living the life through you!


  3. Congratulations. We are so glad we could share in some of your adventures. Truly fun times. Love you guys


  4. Miss you guys! You both look great. Enjoy yourselves!


  5. Great collage of photos…..really gave a wonderful recap of your year. Congrats and hears to another fun year!


  6. Wonderful! So glad you are truly enjoying the experience. Thanks for sharing and happy travels!


  7. That is a wonderful way to recap your first year on the road, great pictures. Hope you have even more fun during year two! :c)


  8. Love reading about your adventures. You have miles to go b4 U catch up to me. I have traveled many miles alone with my own

    car but sometimes inviting a friend or a family member. I am the curious one of the family so no one has competed with me.

    I liked the freedom to stop & spend time at places I chose, not what Travel Companies set up.

    I finished up the 50 States when I went through little old Rhode Island about 20 yrs ago.

    Think seriously with your planning about putting a round trip up the

    west side of the thumb shaped area of Wisconsin; from Green Bay heading north.

    The west side is SO MUCH fun. (Scandinavian) I caught/spent 3 days after Labor Day there one year.Autumn colors,

    SO MUCH TO ENJOY!!! It is just a different world..& lovely time of the year. Very busy & crowded before then

    I am told.

    You’ll have to pardon me but I like the northern US best, even though all states are interesting.

    I worked in Alaska for the USA when it was still a 18-19 yrs. of age.

    I have explored all 50 states & all the Canadian Territories. I have visited many of our USA National Parks, etc.

    I camped out in many places with my parents during childhood when they took a once-a-year vacation.

    Many pix taken along the way during my travels Love the way pix can now be sent around the world in an instant.

    I am in my 80s & still enjoy looking at my picture albums when I find time. My children/grandchildren are

    mostly in awe of my record. I usually chose a stopping motel/town around 5 p.m. each day. I spent years

    chalking up my record, doing it My Way.

    Keep enjoying your travels & entertaining others with your travelogues. U R doing a great job.!! Corinne B.


  9. Congrats on your first year full-timing anniversary! The time will speed by! Seems like we just started, but have been on the road for about five years now. I’ve found it’s very difficult to try to explain what an experience it is to those who haven’t done it — the amazing vastness of the continent, the incredible kindness of strangers, the shocking lack of courtesy from others (sad but true)… And the learning curve flattens out after a few years, so that makes it all that much better. Safe travels!


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