River Crossings

We stood on the sunlit beach watching our boat navigate towards us.  Waves rippled over the sand, keeping time with the motor’s low drone until it gently touched shore, just footsteps away.  Stepping aboard… OK, it’s not actually, “our” boat.  Guess it’s best to start at the beginning…  

Emerald Cove RV Resort Earp, CA

Emerald Cove RV Resort
Earp, CA

Meeting family and friends in our travels tops our most cherished moments’ list.  So, before I post my promised “Things We Haven’t Told You …” saga, I must share our recent encounters.  Our good friends and full time RV Mentors, Steve and Kat, invited us to join them for a few days on the Colorado River near Parker, AZ.  Perfect!  Our paths cross again, plus we planned to go there anyway to visit Greg’s aunt and cousin!   After a short three hour road trip in our “toad” we arrived at Emerald Cove RV Resort in Earp, CA.

Colorado River, AZ

Colorado River, AZ

Ultimate hosts as usual, Steve and Kat treated us to a tour of Parker Dam (deepest dam in the world but you can’t tell by looking at it because 73% of its height is below the original riverbed), Lake Havasu, and Lake Havasu City, home to the 1831 London Bridge that spanned the River Thames in London, England.  Robert P. McCulloch purchased it in 1967 when it was dismantled.  Bricks were numbered, shipped and reassembled to clad the Lake Havasu concrete bridge structure.  Lunch,  a brew near the river and toasting a few sunsets together completed our visit. Thank you Steve and Kat!  As always, we enjoy spending time with you!

Parker Dam

Parker Dam

London Bridge Lake Havasu City, AZ

London Bridge
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Now…about that boat! Too many years passed since we saw Cousin Mary and Aunt Thayne.  Mary arranged a memorable day for us reconnecting with family over a relaxing brunch. We laughed, shared memories, spilled a few tears, and savored our time together (we hope they did too!).  Mary’s hubby Art, sis-in-law Kathi, and friend/boat captain Rich, joined in the revelry.  With photos and farewell hugs complete, the group split and we flip-flopped back to the Marina to board our boat.  OK, the boat belongs to Mary and Art but we felt like it was ours for a day!  Especially, standing on the beach with Mary while “Captain” Rich brought the craft ashore for a cruise-brunch-cruise day!  Our boat skimmed peacefully along the Colorado River waterway separating Earp, CA and Parker, AZ boasting an array of watersports, boat racing, fishing, restaurants, beautiful homes set on canals, a floating bar and plenty of RV Parks.  Thank you Aunt Thayne and Mary for your gracious hospitality! We must get together again soon.

Parker AZ-5

The Group…Rosanne, Cousin Mary, Greg,
Kathi – Mary’s Sis-in-Law, Aunt Thayne

This is the Life! Captain Rich at the Helm.

This is the Life! Captain Rich at the Helm.



Floating Bar

Floating Bar

Venice or Parker?

Venice or Parker?

Looking Across CO River Earp, CA to Parker, AZ

Looking Across CO River
Earp, CA to Parker, AZ

Once again, stay tuned for our “Things We Haven’t Told You…” post. 

Usual Self Portrait

Our Signature Self Portrait

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  1. So glad you had a good time here. We had a good time also. As usual great pictures….. Hope to see you sometime after the holidays in San Diego.


  2. Looks like everyone was having a great time!
    Thanks for sharing
    P.S. You kids look great!!


  3. Fun times, thanks for sharing your stories and pictures.


  4. Your just making us jealous! Such travelers enjoying what this good earth has to offer. So loving sharing your travels. So nice to hear your seeing some family along the way. Again we love the pic’s and narration.


  5. Great story! I love it how some of the posts refer to you as “kids”. Maybe I need to start doing that after hitting #63 last month. Hey, Becky and I were thinking of meeting up with you guys. We’re going to be on the Big Island for a month in Jan/Feb. If you start now I think you could make it!!! See you there!!!


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