Like a magnet, Arches National Park drew us into its dramatic, exquisite and sometimes whimsical world.  Bold and gracefully breathtaking, this natural creation stole my heart.  One of God’s finest works, in my opinion! 

Arches National Park0004

Park Avenue

Arches National Park0016    Arches National Park0011

Arches National Park0017  Arches National Park0009

After settling into our new RV neighborhood in Moab, UT we took a late afternoon drive to scope out the park.   

Arches National Park0013     Arches National Park0012

Arches National Park0002    Arches National Park0001

Our short auto tour turned into a 3-mile round trip hike to the famous Delicate Arch. Dark clouds threatened to let loose as we scrambled up the rock face racing the setting sun. Coming around the last bend on the edge of a cliff, feeling like real explorers, we halted.  Hundreds of fellow arch admirers (yes, hundreds!!) reclined in the natural rock amphitheater and lined up to wait their turn for a “photo opp” under the arch.  People handed cameras to strangers and ran down to pose under the arch, some even turned cartwheels!  The photography challenge:  try to get a photo without a happy face in it!  Moments later, a cloudburst washed away a promising sunset. 

Rainy Delicate Arch

Rainy Delicate Arch

So, we returned the next evening but nature’s drama continued…. 

“It’s as if I am in a Greek mythology movie and the thunder gods are warring!”   The blue skies shrank as cloudbanks from the left and right stormed in.  Roaring at each other and throwing spears of lightening they fought over the lingering slice of blue. Until, they erupted into waterfalls. 

Arches National Park0007    Arches National Park0006

Arches National Park0005  Arches National Park0008

Scrambling into the car, we continued our drive to Delicate Arch.  While waiting impatiently in the trailhead parking lot, the pounding rain finally stopped and we hiked up.

Arches National Park0014

As sunset approached, the crowds thinned until only seven of us remained.  “Strange, it was packed yesterday…”  As fate would have it, rain flooded the road to the trailhead and the friendly rangers barricaded the entrance.  We thoroughly enjoyed the private viewing of Delicate Arch at sunset and the camaraderie of our small group as we trekked down together in the dark.

Arches National Park redo0001

Delicate Arch at Sunset

Arches National Park0018

Arches National Park0015

Windows at Sunrise…
Yes, the photographer does do mornings!

So, where are the wandering WAGS now (you may wonder)?  We are in Gold Canyon, AZ (Phoenix area) and we will be here for a few months. I have one more blog post from Moab, UT to catch up….stay tuned.    

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  1. We are so blessed with your blog! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Beautiful shots of the area. We were just there ourselves last month and experienced some of that weather also. Now we get to enjoy the wind in Phx 🙂


  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!


  4. Beautiful!! Keep the pics coming.


  5. The only words that


  6. The only words I can think of to say is Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful…….


  7. What beautiful pictures. Your photographer, whoever he is has quite a talent!
    I will add this to my “places to see” ever growing list!


  8. Awesome report. The photos are stunning, but the writing is really good, too! Thanks for staying on top of these posts so the rest of us can go with you on the cheap!


  9. Greg, Greg, Greg….what unreal pictures! You must put together a book on your travels.


  10. Rosanne, your captions are so profound, I love reading them. You have a writing talent. Team Greg & Rosanne!! The best….


  11. Love to follow you. Hope to be doing the same in a couple of years.


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