On the Road….Officially…Day 1

Today, Wednesday, April 24, 2013 is the official start of our full time RV adventure!!  It was a long time coming and if you read The Maiden Voyage blog post you will likely agree that it is a good idea to follow the same route we practiced last year! Hopefully we’ve learned a few things since then! 

It was a beautiful morning to leave.  We followed our travel checklists and all was good. Except….when we pushed the button to bring in the big slide it moved a bit and just stopped.  After several attempts, we unloaded stuff from the refrigerator and other heavy items in the cabinets on the slide.  Still no go.  So, I pushed the button while Greg gave the slide a healthy push from the outside.  That did it!

We are heading to Hemet, CA for about a month and are looking forward to getting some R&R, seeing the sites, and spending time with Greg’s folks.  We’ll be there to celebrate Dad’s birthday and Mother’s Day with Mom. 

We are now in Lone Pine, CA at Boulder Creek RV Resort for one night and yes, old dogs do learn new tricks (we arrived before dark!).

Lone pine

With plenty of time to enjoy the warm sunny weather, backdrop of the mountains and a peak view of Mt. Whitney, this is a great start to our adventure!  Except….we didn’t have the courage to open the big slide so we’ll deal with that in Hemet!

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  1. You made me stay up way past my bedtime reading all your blog posts. But I’m glad I did. #faithfullwagsfollower


  2. I had the same thing happen to our slide in our motorhome. The reservoir for the hydraulic fluid was low. Pretty sure it could be this, or you need to lubricate the tracks as it could be binding a bit on the way back in.
    Kevin Anderson


  3. Congratulations on the start of your new journey! The Salvi’s wish you only sunshine, clear roads, a fully operating vehicle, flat parking, and pits stopsbwith fuel shoes and gloves. 🙂 . Seriously we wish you only the best and you will be in our thoughts and prayers along your journey. Don’t forget to stop and visit when you’re in San Jose or Whittier.

    Happy trails,
    Kristen, Pete, & Noah


  4. Big Betty is getting her kinks out before your long adventure all over the US. I’m so excited for you two, i’m going to love reading your blog and see pictures.


  5. I love this! – looking forward to riding along with the both of you!
    have a fabulous time


  6. We are so happy for you both! We hope to see you at some point along your way. How about a rendevous up at Sea Ranch sometime? Happy and safe travels to you!


  7. Good job Rosanne on the documenting of your first day. Love the stories and pics, helps fill the gap of your being gone. Have a ball, give the “folks” our love.


  8. We’ll follow you as you go….


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