The Road Behind………

Well, here we are. Ready to actually hit the road full time in our RV and SMACK!  I just realized that the past five years in just getting to this point was an adventure in itself!  So, since the road trip officially begins in late April, I thought some reflections on the road behind would be a good place to start this blog.

To our family and close friends who lived alongside us with this dream and patiently listened to our incessant chatter about RV’s, travels, blah, blah, blah, I imagine sighs of relief and whispers of “finally”!  Thank you for your love, support, patience and great ideas!

To those who are just hearing about our leap into the counter culture of life on the road, we hope you enjoy the “tales of the past” and look forward to exploring the road ahead together!

Warm Regards,

Greg & Rosanne


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  1. You now have to list your itinerary, so we can follow, but we know its subject to change. When is your departure date?


  2. Happy for you…can’t wait to hear about your travels.


    • Thanks Penny! Will definitely keep you posted.


      • Will you also add pictures? Now you have Gary’s travel bug going in his head!!! Watch out if you see in your rear-view mirror an RV/Horse trailer following you …could be us! For-fill your dreams while your young enough to enjoy it. We are so happy that we can be part of your adventure through your blogs. Happy trails to you, may they be safe, fun, and enjoyable.


  3. Cant wait to follow your adventure. Fair warning, sisters may appear at various locations if you start having too much fun!! So happy for you both. A much deserved adventure. Enjoy!


  4. Looking forward to following your adventures! Like Debbie says – if you have too much fun we may have to join you at some of your rest stops.


  5. We’ve been out here waiting for you. See you in Reno the end of April. We are reading to share some of the great places we have been and explore with you new places. Yeah!!!


  6. Please don’t tell me we will never go on vacation together again!!!!


  7. As much as we hate to see you leave, we are excited for you to begin your RV Dream. We’ve had such good times over the past 10-11 years in Reno, we will miss you. We’re looking forward to sharing your experiences through your writings.
    Love you guys!


  8. As much as we hate to see you leave, we are excited for you and your adventures ahead. We’ve had a lot of wonderful times over the past 10-11 years, we will miss you. We are looking forwad to hearing about all of you experiences through your writings.
    Love you guys!
    P.S. I tried to reply on my iphone, this might get duplicated.


  9. Thanks you two! You were such a great support to us when we moved to Reno and made it feel like home immediately! So many, many good, fun memories. Thanks for always being there for us!


  10. Looks like you are off to a great start!


  11. I have a cousin Betsy (my age) who wants to show you a good time in Diamond Head, Mississippi. They (Betsy & her husband, Dick) said to come stay, room for the RV. Will take you to New Orleans, etc. How can you pass that up? Betsy is a Realtor there and Dick is retired and has a boat. Let me know what you think. Penny


  12. Greg & Rosanne,
    My cousin Betsy & husband Dick Nolan are waiting for a call from you! They are so like all of us, easy to talk to, humorous and easy going, making you feel so at ease. Would love to host a stay in Diamondhead, Mississippi to both of you and “Betty” Betsy cell 228-216-8781. They live right next to I-10, major coast to coast highway. Let me know what you think?


  13. I’m so excited for you guys. Can’t wait to learn from all your experiences.


  14. I’m so excited for you guys. I can’t wait to learn from all your experiences.


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